McLaury Building Renovation Phase 3

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When you need to renovate a building that is nearly 100 years old, SECO Construction is the business to call. When South Dakota School of Mines & Technology needed to push forward with Phase 3 of their McLaury Building Renovation, SECO Construction had the distinct pleasure of playing a crucial role. Converting a timeless building that had withstood the test of time to keep up with the demands of modern engineering students, SECO Construction brought the 2nd and 3rd floor of this building to the 21st century with elaborate mechanical system installations and the revitalization of preexisting façade such as trim and marble staircases. Allowing students and faculty to be more efficient in their endeavors, this $2.6 mil project brought life back into a space that was in dire need of a facelift, an effort that will benefit the future engineers of the world for many years to come.