Employment Opportunities

At SECO Construction Inc., joining our team of skilled, creative minds means more than just adding someone to our team. It means adding someone who can help provide new perspective, expertise, and support to our culture of inclusivity, efficiency, and creativity. And while each role on our team is unique in itself, each role withholds the values of our business, the service we provide, and the purpose of our work as we work to provide the best value and service to our clients.

Constantly seeking workers with top skills, an appreciation of customers, and an impeccable belief system in line with our values, SECO Construction is the perfect place to work if you’re looking for construction jobs in Rapid City where you can hone in on and further develop your skills. Knowing that your construction career can take you to great heights, our team is here to guide you and help you grow, all while working toward a common goal of providing excellent service paired with phenomenal end product.

For questions on potential positions or on your application status please feel free to contact us today.

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