Memorial Park Promenade

memorial-park-promenade-950x523-73e54d290834.jpg memorial-park-promenade-bridge-plaza-950x523-e908eb997609.jpg memorial-park-promenade-entrance-1200x732-7ccac884d648.jpg memorial-park-promenade-north-view-1200x801-aaa06c93c3ec.jpg memorial-park-promenade-south-view-1200x788-82898381f9b6.jpg memorial-park-south-shore-1200x807-47e8c425d734.jpg

Project Description:

This multiple Master Craftsmanship award-winning construction project provides an identifiable and convenient pedestrian connection between Main Street Square, the rest of Downtown Rapid City and the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. The Memorial Park Promenade project consisted of sitework, landscaping, a new pedestrian crosswalk across Omaha Street/US Highway 44, entrance pillars and archway, site furnishings, fish habitat in Memorial Pond, new concrete wall on two sides of Memorial Pond, a commemorative war memorial, and 55,000 square feet of colored concrete sidewalk paving.

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