Neal A. Schlottman - President 1990-Present.

Neal Schlottman began his career as a construction worker in 1972.  He enjoyed the work and wanted to move ahead in the field, so in 1981 Neal earned a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis) from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  He left Rapid City for 9 years.  In that time, he worked for CB&I and Hercules Aerospace as project engineer or project manager on various assignments in the western United States including energy projects, the Golden Gate Bridge Deck Replacement, and a fully automated rocket motor manufacturing facility valued at $500,000,000.  Neal is also a registered professional engineer licensed in South Dakota, Colorado and Utah.  Neal manages all aspects of the company and serves as Project Manager on select construction projects.


Dale Grimm - Vice President/General Superintendent 1982-Present.

Dale supervises and directs the diverse day-to-day activities of all elements of job site construction for his projects.  He coordinates resource allocation across all projects.  No project is too large or complex for Dale, as his organizational skills are second to none.  Dale is a firm believer that nothing is impossible; it's been done before, or will be done in the future, and SECO Construction is more than capable of blazing the trail and doing it first.


Ethan Hudson - Project Manager/Estimator 2006-Present.

Ethan has been in and around construction his entire life.  The son of a long-time construction Superintendent, Ethan started early and grew up working construction during the summer seasons.  Ethan started with SECO as a Carpenter providing seasonal summer help in 2005.  He returned the following summer in the same capacity.  Soon thereafter, Ethan decided to stay on full-time and quickly moved up the ranks into the office to work as an Estimator and Project Manager. Ethan estimates and manages many different types of commercial building projects.  With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Black Hills State University in 2008, and a Master's Degree in Construction Management from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in 2013, Ethan supplies not only hands on experience, but a solid educational background.


Deb Davenport  - Office Manager 1994 - Present

Deb provides administrative assistance to the President and Project Managers and manages general office functions.  She also provides accurate and timely accounting, including job costing, payroll, tax reports and payments, financial reports, accounts receivable and payable.  Deb manages Human Resources and Insurance, and coordinates the safety program.  Her warm personality greets visitors and directs incoming calls from clients, architects and subcontractors.  Deb's work history includes 36 years of working financial experience with 10 years in the banking industry.  This includes Supervisor of Bookkeeping Operations and the Trust Division Accounting Department.  Deb is proud to be part of the SECO team, where the standard operation is honesty, integrity, respect and pride in projects.


James Graff - Superintendent 1996-Present.

James supervises and directs day-to-day activities of all elements of job site construction. James brings vast experience with all types of construction to the SECO team.  He specializes in concrete construction and takes extreme care to accommodate all Owner concerns.  James is not afraid to provide input or design suggestions that he thinks are in the Owner's best interest, to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.


Bob Chase - Superintendent 1998-Present

Bob spends his days supervising and directing day-to-day activities of all elements of job site construction.  He brings to SECO vast experience with all types of construction.  Bob specializes in all types of carpentry and goes to great lengths to ensure that all work on his projects meets his standard of Master Craftsmanship.


Andrew Schlottman - Foreman 2008-present

Andrew supervises, directs, and performs work on individual portions of larger projects.  Andrew's ambitious nature leaves him unafraid to take on any project.  While enterprising, he also takes direction from Supervisors well and takes great pride in his work.  Andrew supervises and directs day-to-day activities of all elements of job site construction on smaller projects that he is assigned to supervise.



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