We take pride in every project we are a part of, even our logo.  It embodies the respect we have for ourselves, and that of our clients and partners.

SECO has strong relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers that are based on honesty, integrity and respect.  The linked “SC” not only represents “S”ECO “C”onstruction but more importantly the relationship between “S”ECO and “C”ustomer, “S”ubcontractor and “C”ontractor or “S”upplier and “C”ontractor.  Projects would not be successful without working very closely with our partners.

Our logo accurately represents the quality and attention to detail our customers expect from us, and that we demand from ourselves.  "Building to a Higher Standard" is not just our slogan, it defines who we are and what we do.

SECO Construction Inc. Building to a Higher Standard

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