SECO History

SECO Construction, Inc. is a family owned business that was founded in 1982 by brothers-in-law George "Bud" Schlottman and Darrell Erickson who wanted to blend their love of construction with their deep hometown values.  SECO stands for Schlottman Erickson Company and is rooted in strong principles and impeccable construction knowledge.  Bud and Darrell each had over 25 years of experience each in commercial construction and mobile home manufacturing prior to founding SECO.  They developed strong relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers based on honesty, integrity and respect.  Bud and Darrell decided to make those three tenants founding principles of SECO Construction, Inc.

The company's first employee was Dale Grimm.  Bud and Darrell were familiar with Dale's enthusiasm and natural ability to get things done the correct way with quality as a foundation.  Dale's innovative approach to solving problems and working closely with subcontractors and suppliers has served the company and its clients well.

Projects initially were completed for customers that Bud and Darrell had served before SECO was formed.  These strong relationships continue today as SECO still serves many clients that were its first customers.  Customer satisfaction and providing more than expected remain the highest priority for our company.  Referrals from our satisfied customers inspire new relationships with other clients helping the company to continue to grow.

SECO Construction has worked on the Franklin Hotel, Deadwood, SD

Darrell Erickson retired from the business in 1989 but that did not stop the family values from continuing in this construction company.  Bud had always dreamed that the family business would continue into a second generation.  Bud's son Neal Schlottman joined the company in 1990 as Vice President.  Neal brought his 18 years of construction and engineering experience to SECO including work with several international companies.  Neal also has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  He is also a registered professional engineer in South Dakota, Colorado and Utah.  Neal began acquiring interest in the company and was elected President of the company in 1992.  Bud shared his vision of customer service and cooperation during the business succession that culminated in December 1995 when Neal acquired the entire construction company, and Bud retired.

Neal immediately recognized Dale Grimm's talent as a leader with an innate ability to produce quality work for our clients.  Dale's commitment to the construction company's founding principles made him a natural partner for Neal in the business.  Dale acquired an interest in the company in 1996 and currently serves as Vice President.  Dale manages all of the field operations for the company and continually instills the construction company's core values in its employees.

SECO Construction, Inc. provides commercial construction and management services primarily in the Black Hills area of South Dakota.  The company has also worked in many locations in the western United States and is currently licensed in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.  SECO Construction has maintained a strong reputation of honesty and integrity by providing quality projects at a fair price.

SECO has never had to resolve construction disputes by mediation, arbitration or court litigation.  We are very proud of that achievement.  Our attitude is to solve problems proactively through discussions with clients and design professionals so there is no need for other dispute resolution methods.  The construction company's past performance has led to many referrals and repeat clients.

SECO Construction, Inc. is training its next generation of leaders to carry on the vision created by Bud and Darrell so many years ago.  SECO continues "Building to a Higher Standard" by providing more than expected to our clients and partners in the industry.


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